Our philosophy and objectiveNAGATA group

The company concept of the NAGATA group centers around our desire to provide multifaceted support for our customers by achieving streamlined manufacturing of optical lenses, while continuing to move forward in further developing the world’s optical industry.

Nagata Seisakusho was founded on April 1, 1954, and has strived to continuously develop and succeed in the optical industry for the past 60 years. With great thanks to the cooperation and guidance the NAGATA Group was formed, and has now expanded to four companies and three business offices domestically, and three companies and one business office internationally.

Nagata Seisakusho Co., Ltd., which is the core member of the group, is in charge of the development and manufacture of a variety of equipment for the manufacturing of optical lenses, various jigs and tools, high-accuracy master plates and prototype lenses. Nagata Seisakusho boasts a monthly production of more than 30,000 units of spherical jigs for lens production, including “sara” and holders, which is a claim to an 80% share of Japan’s domestic market.

NAGATA Co., Ltd., is primarily involved in assessing customers’ ever-changing requirements and developing new products in cooperation with various makers around the country. More specifically, this company is in charge of the sales of consumable and other auxiliary materials, such as optical measuring instruments and machinery, optical emeries, diamond tools, cleaning agents and environment-related items, which are supplied by manufacturers outside the NAGATA Group.

Suntec Dia Co., Ltd. specializes in the development and manufacture of diamond wheels for grinding optical lenses and liquid crystal, ceramic and various crystalline materials. There is a great demand for diamond wheels that are suited to a range of crystalline materials that are being continuously developed in various areas today.

Sun-Bright Co., Ltd. is mainly in charge of manufacturing PO cutting systems and automatic lens blacking machines, both developed by the company itself. Sun-Bright is also actively developing and manufacturing labor-saving equipment, such as robots, supply and storage systems and line systems. Many of its coolant traps and other products are patented.

In the overseas operations of the NAGATA Group, the Jakarta Branch handles business in South Asia; Nagata Hong Kong Co., Ltd. manages sales operations in Northeast Asia; and Nagata Shanghai International Trade Co., Ltd. handles business in the Chinese market.

The NAGATA Group will continue to develop optical technology to further streamline lens processing. We are determined to be an organization which goes beyond the services of all makers and traders of optical machinery and tools, and see the company into its 100th year of success.