Environmental policy
【Environmental philosophy】

Cherish our precious earth by seeking a balanced relationship
between the environment and corporate activities


Surrounded by beautiful nature, the Nagata group is located in the center of the Shinshu region of Japan, and we have an environmental management system in place that we manage ourselves. Staying true to our environmental philosophy, we are committed to continually improving and using sustainable materials, easing and managing climate change, and protecting the ecosystem and biodiversity by preventing pollution of the environment.
1. The Nagata group has set targets and measures that take into account its business activities, products, quality of service, scale of growth and effect on the environment, and undertakes reviews as required.

  ① The company has integrated environmental contribution and business operations by reducing energy consumption, shortening working hours and improving work efficiency, and these measures have also contributed to the value of the company.
  ② The Nagata group is preventing environmental pollution resulting from business operations by developing smaller, more sophisticated, economically efficient products that are also conducive to protecting biodiversity by preventing global warming and reducing CO2 emissions, thus relieving environmental burden.

2. Nagata group will comply with applicable legal requirements and any other requirements put forward by approved stakeholders and concerned parties.

3. The group will continuously improve its environmental management system and business systems by carrying out regular audits and management reviews to raise environmental performance.

4. This policy will be formalized in writing, carried out, maintained and be made known to every employee that is part of the Nagata group.

5. This policy will be made available to the public.

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April 1st 2017
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