Policy regarding conflict minerals

Nagata Seisakusho, Nagata Co., Ltd. and its trading partners uphold the approach toward the non-use of conflict minerals.

A portion of minerals (tantalum, tin, gold, tungsten, cobalt, mica) produced in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and neighboring African countries are being widely distributed via the global mineral supply chain and are a source of financing of armed groups in the region, thus referred to as “conflict minerals.”

In abidance with the OECD guidelines regarding conflict minerals set out by U.S. laws and regulations and international organizations, reasonable inquiries into the origin of minerals or due diligence is required to ensure conflict minerals are not contained in end products.

With the cooperation of trading partners, Nagata Seisakusho and Nagata Co., Ltd. confirm the origin of materials used in products, and uphold the approach toward non-use of conflict minerals.

With regard to the trading partners of Nagata Seisakusho and Nagata Co., Ltd., we ask that they understand the international position on conflict minerals, endorse the non-use of conflict minerals, and support Nagata Seisakusho and Nagata Co., Ltd. with relevant inquiries and audits in order to uphold our responsibility regarding mineral supply as a member of the global supply chain.