NAGATA Group Philosophy
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NAGATA Group Philosophy


NAGATA – creating the highest quality products, using the least possible natural resources, and adding maximum value



To be the first class optical technology seller that everyone chooses

NAGATA determines clients’ needs and strives to deliver what they want, where they want, within the time frame they want.

We are a company that specializes in the manufacturing of lens processing machinery and assembly jigs, but we see ourselves as belonging to the service industry.

We are here to help you produce lenses efficiently.

NAGATA Group consists of both our commercial and manufacturing companies so we can offer clients our full expertise with optical machinery, jigs & tools, inspection equipment, materials and more.

What’s more, the high-value key parts in this equipment are made by us.
The ability to offer comprehensive service is the biggest strength of the NAGATA Group.

Understanding clients is essential in this day and age, therefore we believe providing the highest level of customer satisfaction is non-negotiable for businesses.
Our expansion into the world market, starting with Shanghai, Hong Kong and Jakarta is a result of our client-centered ethos.

The combination of our world class technology,
our connections with almost every company in the field of optical technology,
and our ability to offer total support and service
is sure to make NAGATA the first class optical technology seller that everyone chooses.
That is the objective of the NAGATA Group.