Policy regarding antisocial forces
The Nagata Group takes a determined and unwavering approach to threats toward social order and safety by antisocial forces, and has established a basic policy toward antisocial forces as below.


1.Organizational response

Response toward unreasonable demands by antisocial forces will be handled by not only the responding staff member or department, but the organization as a whole.

2.Cooperation with external specialist organizations

In the case that an unreasonable demand by antisocial forces is received, the company will communicate with, and respond in close cooperation with police, the prefectural boryokudan (organized crime) elimination center, lawyers and other external organizations.

3.Ban on relations and transactions

All relations, including transactions, with antisocial forces will be terminated and any unreasonable demands refused.

4.Civil and criminal legal response in emerging situations

Both civil and criminal avenues will be pursued in response to unreasonable demands by antisocial forces. All available civil legal measures will be employed including the filing of damage reports, and the company will not hesitate to elevate the claim to criminal action.

5.Prohibition of secret transactions and provision of funds

In the case that unreasonable demands by antisocial forces are received due to misconduct of business operations or employee misconduct, under no circumstances will the company take part in secret transactions or provide funds to antisocial forces in order to conceal such misconduct.