Privacy policy
Here at Nagata Seisakusho and Nagata Co. Ltd., we recognize the importance of, and see it as our social responsibility and obligation to, protect personal information that is gained through use of internet services. We have established the privacy policy below and will ensure its thorough implementation.

Collection, use and provision of personal information

Personal data obtained by the company may be used by the company to the extent of sending direct mail, email and so on, and will not be used for any other purpose.
In the case that the above purpose is changed, the company will notify the client of that change in writing.

Clients’ rights regarding privacy
The company will respect clients’ personal rights with regard to personal information. If a client requests to have their personal information disclosed to them, the company will oblige after confirming agreement with the client.
In the case that a client’s information has changed or there is an error in the information, if the company can confirm that the client has requested a correction to the information the company will respond promptly.

Personal data security control measures
We take all necessary measures in order to maintain an appropriate standard of protection and to prevent clients’ personal data from unauthorized disclosure, loss or manipulation/destruction.

Supplying personal data to third parties
With the exception of the cases below, the company will not supply clients’ personal data (such as name, address, telephone number, email address) to third parties without the client’s consent.

  • ・In cases prescribed by law
  • ・When obtaining personal data in order to provide services to clients
  • ・In cases where it is deemed difficult to obtain a client’s consent but disclosure of data is necessary or urgent in order to protect a person’s life or assets
  • ・In cases where a national or regional authority requires the personal information in order to carry out their duty according to law, and said authority’s duties would be hindered


For enquiries about improvements regarding personal information other than the above mentioned

Contact number for corrections, revoking consent and disclosure of data TEL +81 0266-22-4592